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Course Evaluations

Selected Masters Students Comments

Someone give this woman a raise!! What an incredible instructor. She is so kind, patient and knowledgeable. She is generous with her insight.

Larissa is the best TA I have ever had. She goes above and beyond to prepare for class. She is able to relate complex class information to simple, more comprehensible examples. She also loves purple way too much, but it's funny.

This was a very well run course, and Larissa had valuable information to add. She was obviously familiar with the subject material, was competent in answering student questions, and was able to lecture effectively.

Selected Undergraduate Students Comments

Larissa was a good TA, we didn't have a lot of interaction because of the lack of discussion and I never went to her office hours but during class activities she was very helpful. Additionally, her lecture she gave to class was one of my favorite of the semester. She has a way of explaining things and making them interesting that there is always something to take away.

I went to office hours with Larissa when I was really confused on a subject and she really helped to clarify the material. She was really nice and understanding and helped make the content much easier to comprehend. It's so rare to have a TA who is so helpful and understanding and Larissa was so great to have!

Larissa was very approachable and always willing to help out and if she didn't know an answer she would investigate the problem and get back to students.

Individual Course Evaluations


Neurogenic Disorders of Speech & Swallowing ~ Spring 2019 (Masters)

Language Disorders: School-Aged Children ~ Fall 2018 (Masters)

Phonological Development & Disorders ~ Fall 2018 (Masters)

Neurogenic Disorders of Speech & Swallowing ~ Spring 2018 (Masters)

Developmental Speech Disorders ~ Spring 2018 (Undergrad)

Phonetics: Theory & Applications (course) ~ Fall 2017 (Undergrad) 

Discussion Group A

Discussion Group B


Neurogenic Disorders of Speech ~ Spring 2017 (Masters)

Swallowing Disorders ~ Spring 2017 (Masters)

Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice ~ Fall 2016 (Masters)

Introduction to Cognitive-Communication Disorders ~ Fall 2016 (Masters)

Developmental Speech Disorders ~ Spring 2016 (Undergrad)

Developmental Language Disorders ~ Fall 2015 (Undergrad)

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